Why your business should be online

blogpost3The world is experiencing a great shift in the economy. Dot com companies have been able to show that they can perform better than brick and mortar companies. Thousands of businesses each day seek to make an impact upon the digital world. If the data is not enough to convince you that Digital business is the way to go then we share some of the reasons why it’s necessary to have an online presence.

1) New Economy

Internet has created an entire new way of conducting business. Dot com companies have the highest number of billionaire in the world. Due to their ability to grow at a rapid scale and requiring very little investment they have become a great source of investment for people around the world. Companies like Google, Facebook, twitter and Reddit that were born digitally have become some of the largest businesses in the world.

2) An amazing platform

Businesses need consumers to grow and internet has billions of users every day, which provide a huge audience for the businesses to attract customers from. The amazing platform of internet helps the businesses to transcend their physical borders and achieve greatness throughout the world.

3) Image

Whether you sell physical goods or make your living by providing valuable services it is important to create an online presence. Research reveals that 90% of the Americans rely on search engines like Google to look for products and services. In such a case not having an online presence can deprive your business of a huge growth opportunity.

5 Best YouTube Channels for Marketers

blogpost2The internet is filled with blogs that provide educational material about digital marketing, but most aspiring digital marketers fail to use an amazing resource called YouTube. The video sharing website provides a humongous collection of instructional videos that can help you grow as a marketing professional. Below we share some of the most useful channels for digital marketers.

1) Web Marketing Today

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/webmarketingtoday

On this channel you would be able to find hundreds videos about SEO, Analytics, lead generation and monetizing your blogs. The channel provides a step by step visual guide to help you and your business grow.

2) Boxcar Marketing

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/boxcarmarketing

If you don’t have the luxury of sitting in front of your computer screen or smart devices to enjoy step by step instructional videos then this channel is a perfect fit for you. Box Car Marketing contains amazing 1 minute videos that contain very useful tips and how to about different aspects of digital marketing.

3) Local Marketing Source

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/localmarketingsource

The other two channels that we have mentioned above take a more international approach towards marketing, but if you are seeking to establish your business in the local marketing niche then this channel is for you. Run by Scott Gallagher who shares great tips about making it big in the local market.

4) AMA Marketing

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/AMAmarketing

Official channel for the American Marketing Association, it is a great place to remain abreast about the new trends and happenings in the world of digital marketing. The channel provides amazing tips to stand out in the American marketing circle.

5) Marketing Beyond Ads

Link: http://www.youtube.com/user/MarketingBeyondAds

This channel complete focuses upon establishing your marketing business. If you are unsure where to begin in order to start your marketing business then going through the 2 minute long videos on this channel can help you immensely.

4 Digital Marketing Websites You Should Follow


Staying aware of all the changes and trends in the digital marketing world can be extremely exhausting. Digital marketing is growing at a rapid scale and there are millions of resources online that contribute to the complex and exciting world of digital marketing.

In such a case it is extremely important to hitch your ship with quality and experienced marketers that can share great tips, tricks and new happening in the world. Below we share some of the most amazing digital marketing blogs that can help your awareness grow about the world of digital marketing.


Bizcommunity is known for sharing an extensive range of news, information and resources for digital marketers. It is considered to be one of the most iconic blogs in the world of digital marketing. If anything new is happening in the world of digital marketing then bizcommunity is the place to find about it.


Memeburn is an extremely intuitive blog that shares all the trends in the market. Whether you are working at a local or international scale this blog would provide you with all the essential information required to make it in the world of digital marketing.


If you are trying to learn the ropes of the digital marketing and SEO optimization then this site is certainly for you. Moz Packs a ton of instructional videos, how to tutorials and a horde of other resources to help you grow as a digital marketing professional.


If you have not heard about Mashable then you are missing a huge chunk of information from the digital world. The blog has attained the position of leadership through its story telling capabilities. Mashable is a one stop resource to find the information all that is important and current in the world.