Why your business should be online

blogpost3The world is experiencing a great shift in the economy. Dot com companies have been able to show that they can perform better than brick and mortar companies. Thousands of businesses each day seek to make an impact upon the digital world. If the data is not enough to convince you that Digital business is the way to go then we share some of the reasons why it’s necessary to have an online presence.

1) New Economy

Internet has created an entire new way of conducting business. Dot com companies have the highest number of billionaire in the world. Due to their ability to grow at a rapid scale and requiring very little investment they have become a great source of investment for people around the world. Companies like Google, Facebook, twitter and Reddit that were born digitally have become some of the largest businesses in the world.

2) An amazing platform

Businesses need consumers to grow and internet has billions of users every day, which provide a huge audience for the businesses to attract customers from. The amazing platform of internet helps the businesses to transcend their physical borders and achieve greatness throughout the world.

3) Image

Whether you sell physical goods or make your living by providing valuable services it is important to create an online presence. Research reveals that 90% of the Americans rely on search engines like Google to look for products and services. In such a case not having an online presence can deprive your business of a huge growth opportunity.